November 25, 2007: Boy it's been a long time and boy am I horrible at keeping updated with this site! I finally updated my ivf section to include a recent pic of our miracle Gabriel. I won't be updating that site in the future unless there is a real need for it, but it will continue to stay online since it is helping quite a few people. I will get things updated on the pics here for Gabriel as we have almost nine months of pics to post! And he is a handful, trying to work (from home still) and tend to him can be a real challenge, but one I'm happy to endure!

July 27, 2006: I don't have much time to update, actually I don't have much strength to withstand the heat in my office! But just a quick note, my second IVF worked! I am now officially six weeks pregnant! I will update the blog as soon as I can access my 2ww diary at the forum I visit (the forum is currently down).

June 29, 2006: Updated my IVF blog! The eggs were taken yesterday so we are awaiting the news on whether the ten eggs they have are fertilized and we can get at least two of them in tomorrow morning!

Just a side note here, I am terrible with updating this page and will only do so when something new happens on this site.

April 30, 2006: Updated my IVF blog since my period has come and that means the next one brings the start of round two of IVF. Also added a recipe section, only three recipes though because those are the three I make the most often for friends and family. They are either always asking for it or for me to make it when I'm at their house and although I remember the recipe in my american measurements, remembering the metric version can be a bit tricky, so just decided an addition to this site would be perfect and I can access it wherever in the world I'm at:)

February 13, 2006: Well finally getting this site in order. I've had it for years but with other crap going on and after doing a Sims site for five years, I really didn't feel like it at all! So I have my IVF Blog all done and ready. The Vacation Blog has been done for a while but this is the first time I'm going to link to it.

Who am I? Well I'm Carly :) Known as STPCarly in The Sims community as I had a site with creations to download for five years or so. Now I have all my stuff on my own mini-site at The Sims Resource. Clicking the ink above will take you to that which showcases many of my Sims1 things as well as my Sims2 creations. I live in Marseille, France with my husband Reg. I'm American from Pennsylvania, he is French but we decided to live here because his job is secure here and he would not have that same security or benefits were we to live in the states. I'll post here when I have time on what it's like living here. I used to do this with my newsletters for my Sims site but since closing I haven't written about it at all. This site won't be regularly updated unless I feel like it. It's mainly a site for me to dump my photos to share with my family and friends and a place to record my IVF experience, hoping it will result in a little one.

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